Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rihanna Shoot For Instyle Magazine Video

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Check out Rihanna topless pics at www.hollyhotness.com


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showing an endless succession of young couples kissing alternatively each other, accompanied by sloppy advertisement music. The treatment of the theme obviously alludes to erotic films or to the happy end scenes in Hollywood movies. On the other hand, however, we may also read the message of Loop as an existential view of human destiny. And it is exactly this conglomerate of references that induces feelings of ambiguity, pathos and irony. (Katerina Pavlickova)

Exhibition history:
CZ '99, Prague, 1999
Young Czech Art, Gallery Barakk, Berlin, 2000
End of The World?, National Gallery, Prague, 2000
Bohemian Birds, Kunst Haus Dresden, Dresden, 2000
Bohemian Birds, Dresdner Bank, Frankfurt, 2001
Accrochage 2001, Jiri Svestka Gallery, Prague, 2001
Media@terra, Athens-Lavrion-Sofia-Belgrade-Maribor-Os nabrueck-Frankfurt, 2001
Weird Screen, Moni Lazariston, Thessaloniki, 2002
INSIDEOUT, Aktions galerie, Berlin, 2002

Realization team:
Monika Karasova
Alena Kupcikova
Barbora Lehka
Kamila Richterova
Petr Svarovsky

Eva Blahova
Tomas Hnilicka
Stanislav Hosek
Blanka Hunatova
Klara Kohoutova
Katerina Kubickova
Jiri Kucera
Alena Kupcikova
Anna Liskovcova
Sarka Meskova
Martin Schmidt
Vladka Simonovska
Anna Stancova
Benedikt Tolar
Stepan Toman
Helmuth Tully
Karel Walter


Year of creation: 1999

Runtime: Endless

Distribution: DVD, VHS (PAL, NTSC)

Cartoon World Goes Hollywood The Movie Previews

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I Got Cartoon World Goes Hollywood The Movie On VHS. Here are the orders:

1. Pink FBI Screen (W/Duplication Screen)
2. Disney Videos logo
3. Stay Tooned! logo
4. The Return Of Jafar Preview (W/Disney Videos logo at the beginning)
5. The Rescuers Down Under Preview
6. Feature Presentation logo
7. Aspect Ratio Screen
8. Walt Disney Pictures logo (2006-present)
9. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer logo (2002-present)
10. Warner Bros. Pictures logo w/TimeWarner Byline (1998-present)
11. Screen Gems logo (1998-present)
12. Cartoon World Goes Hollywood The Movie Opening Titles

That's All. Thank You.

Aishwarya talks about Abhishek just hours before engagement

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his interview was recorded just hours before Aishwarya Rai got proposed by Abhishek Bachchan

Hollywood Movie Action

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Turkish boys action....Perfect film

Fakes Of Hollywood

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Hollywood Movies

scene from hollywood movie

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a women in sexy black dominating a man beneath her foot

Make Your Own Hollywood Movie

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Have kids? Make your own Hollywood movie in one weekend with Pepper Jay and John Michael Ferrari